Thursday, June 4, 2009

Why stop at sea glass rings? Maybe wire wrapped necklaces...

Sorry for the post delay - I was hoping to get some images but this lousy New England weekend escaped me.

So the logical step from seaglass rings was necklaces. That is, wire wrapping as a pendant to hang from a cord (typically black; seaglass looks GREAT against shiny silver wire and anything black). And these necklaces are really cheap to make, especially with my overabundance of seaglass. I've experimented with a couple of different types of cording; frayed, satin, suede, and ribbon - they all look great!

So here's what I did and a good how-to for future references:
To assist the wire in holding the weight of the seaglass on the cord, I wanted to drill a hole at the top of the piece to wire through for better stabilization. Dad helped me out with this one; he lent me his drill, and bought a glass-drilling bit for this project. Also, for those interested, you have to drill seaglass UNDERWATER, to avoid overheating the bit and preventing the glass from breaking. It also takes A REALLY LONG TIME to drill, especially if the glass piece is really thick.

So we flipped this plastic plate (obviously not glass!) and drilled through. You also do not just drill from one side to the other; you drill equally by alternating sides. It's helpful before you start to mark the same point on both sides. Then, keep drilling *patiently* until you see the other side! You'll be able to hear the difference, too.

And in happy unrelated news - I sold a great deal of inventory at the SSYC's Chowder Party this weekend! Thanks to all for your continued support. I also have a large ongoing calligraphy job right now, and my Italian class is almost over!!! YAY!!

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