Monday, June 7, 2010

Featured Etsy Seller: RiceCakeShack!

This week's featured etsy seller is based across the pond in the United Kingdom. (Did you like that little pond-ocean reference? I'm so cute. :)

Speaking of cute, RiceCakeShack has just about the cutest freaking stuff I have ever seen. Her shop has these adorable little necklace sculptures brilliantly photographed on a hot pink background. Her representative shop image is a cloud, above, and she explains "a cloud is unpredictable and you never know what your going to get in life, just like you never know what your going to get with a new cloud: will it turn into rain or just float away so you can see the sunshine?"

Growing up, she liked to draw and was influenced by her favorite artist Alex Pardee. After some difficult life experiences, she found that her work was being influenced by them: in the form of mutants just wanting to be loved (Some of this is more evident closer to Halloween)

As you can see (and as subtly indicated I think by her shop name), she then began to look at Japanese imagery - and her products are purposely portrayed as happy as she feels that "behavior breeds behavior". She believes her greatest strengths are with her weather creations, as she has had much success in and out of her shop. Also, her favorite etsy shop is SparkleNGlitter, as she had a positive customer service experience with her. She loves the jewelry in her shop, and appreciated the personal attention the shopowner gave her after a purchase.

She also has different promotions every month - this month is a free gift with every purchase - and promotes herself through Facebook.

Below is my favorite item, a necklace of a "Star that Shines at Night", $13. I love both the concept and the fine detail work of the star itself, along with its adorable expression. Be sure to stop by RiceCakeShack, and support an international Etsy artist!

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