Friday, November 12, 2010

Calligraphy for Wedding Invitations

Thanks to a recent client, I have another great image of my recent work! The wedding invitation calligraphy for these envelopes was written out for a December 2010 wedding, and the bride wanted the bigger, the better calligraphy!

The style, which was written out with a calligraphy pen and black ink cartridge, actually worked very well within the composition of the larger sized envelope. She also opted for the spread-out zip code on the last line, which is a calligraphy signature which has always been my personal favorite. 

Calligraphy for Wedding Invitations Outer Envelopes, $2 per envelope

As you can see, I specialize in creating invitations to suit individual wedding calligraphy needs, and my inexpensive wedding calligraphy is also a great way to relieve some stress of wedding planning while staying within your budget. Contact me for wedding calligraphy pricing, and to get started on your wedding project today!

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