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I started this blog while at undergrad in the Museum of Fine Arts School, Boston. I am an artist that had the privilege to study abroad in Florence, Italy, and currently reside just outside of Boston where I work full-time as an online marketing associate. When not at work, I am creating new products available for sale online, in my retail store at 6 In the Shipyard, or consulting with brides in my wedding calligraphy business.

In this blog, you'll find sections of my work as well as fun stuff I am passionate about. Check out the sections with their descriptions below:

Blog Sections

Book Reviews: So, I read a lot. When you commute 45 minutes a day on public transportation, there's a lot of reading that gets done. Sometimes I will write a review on the next "it" book - things I think are helpful when people are deciding whether to purchase or read a novel. You can read all my reviews in my Book Reviews section.

Guest Posts: As awesome as I am, I love getting perspectives from fellow artists. I will frequently feature guest posts by guest authors, who are often artists with beautiful work of their own. It's a great way to stay inspired day to day. If you are interested in contributing (and gaining an inbound link), visit my Ash Tree Guest Blog page.

Fashion Tips: Who doesn't love fashion? I'll frequently review the latest trends in fashion, or post images of the latest outfit I put together for an event, or just because I love ideeli.com. Online shopping can definitely get to you, so shop wisely with my Fashion Tips feed.

Wedding Calligraphy: I would have to say this is where my true passion lies. I've been doing wedding calligraphy since teaching myself in high school, and I love consulting and working with brides to help make their dream wedding come true. I always do featured blogs based on previous jobs I've completed, and this is a great resource for brides to get inspiration and ideas for their own wedding, or to get a feel for what their own invitations or place cards may look like.

Have a comment? I'd love to hear from you! Please feel free to contact me at any time.


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