Friday, June 12, 2009


So I know I wanted to tell my progressive story, but I wanted to get this plug in before time runs out -

In addition to jewelry, I also have a calligraphy business. I am self-taught, and have been practicing for years. When I got accepted into this Florence program, I wanted to really embrace all of my talents to get there, so out popped calligraphy.

I have some experience within the wedding industry; I worked as a florist for about 3 years, and I got a few calligraphy jobs through that venue. I undestand the stress and desire for perfection of this exciting time for brides, and I believe those on a budget should have their invitations done by a professional and reliable individual.

To date, I have served several clients out of the South Shore-Boston area. And I made sure to do my research before looking at my pricing structure: do you know that the average calligrapher charges about 3.00 an envelope?! I find this absurd, especially in this economy. I'm a student, and I will charge you as such; here are my rates!

Outer and Inner Envelope: $1.75 ea.
Outer Envelope Only: $1.00 ea.

Place cards: $.60 ea.

However time is running out! I may have some time for work available in July, and August is open. So if you've got a fall wedding, now's the time to book - my plane leaves September 1st, and I am willing to work up right until then :)

(Clients are responsible for shipping charges and postage. References available upon request.)

Check out my etsy site for more images, and contact me today to set up a consultation appointment!!!


I am really intersted in forming partnerships or collaborations with paper or cardmakers. Please shoot me a convo or email to talk ;)

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