Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Featured Seller: GladRaggz

"I consider myself to be a somewhat complex and 'back to basics' person, all at the same time. Few people really know the real me, and that's OK." - Pat, shopowner of Gladraggz

GladRaggz = bags. Omg, bags! I LOVE the look of her shop and the funky accessories that she carries. The colors all work and are bold, the deep greens and reds are a theme that carries through all of her images.

As an artist living in the Great Lakes area, Pat's goal is to take whatever artistic abilities she has to a less "practical" level, and make them more abstract. "It's a bit difficult to break out of the mold of structure and practicality, and what you see in my shop is more "mainstream" in style. I'd like to break the mold in this sense." I can really appreciate this attitude!

Pat feels as though her greatest strength is striving for the best workmanship possible in her pieces. A job well done is important to all of us, as Pat reemphasizes with "- that's my name and reputation being sold" Her "weakness", which I can see but I think is also a positive attribute, is taking longer to complete a job because the finished product has to be "perfect". Artists by nature are defined as perfectionists; it HAS to be right!!

There were too many favorite shops to comment on a favorite, but Pat has a broad range of passions and appreciations, ranging from fine photography to fiber arts. Her favorite shop is one that has a well made, innovative product, and is run by a true professional. For new artists, she encourages them to learn as much as they can and to keep trying. "I believe that the path to artistic enfoldment is an ever evolving process - and artists need to allow themselves to evolve."

Here is all of Gladraggz's sites; check them out!!

Vintage shop:
RekindledPassions - vintage


Below is my favorite item in her shop, "Silk fabric and ribbon embroidery embellished handbag w/ beads" ($46). The detail work is absolutely exquisite, and I love the olive green tones against the contrast of the deep reds. The subtlety of the color makes it a great accessory to match a variety of outfits!

Got lost in the blogosphere...

Hey readers,

Sorry about totally peacing out over the last couple days! I finished my internship, and was like, oh! I have sooo much time to get ready for Italy!...yeah, not even close. I've been changing bank accounts, securing financial aid, and trying to fathom packing 2 suitcases for 5 months. I know, omigod.

I'm officially down to 6 days before departure to Florence. I wanted to amp up my blog to be about my experiences abroad; I've left inventory at home in the case of sales, which I anticipate as we get closer to the holidays. But I'm back in action, and check back tomorrow for the featured follower!!

I hope everyone has been having a happy August :)

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