Thursday, June 4, 2009

"Chill out with the necklaces…everyone has a favorite bracelet." - Mom

This quote actually rang true for me...I went a little beaded necklace crazy. Sorry. I like shiny pretty beads, and I get excited. Mom was seeing what I was coming up with, and suggested that I pull back and condense; to start with some bracelets, as people are more likely to purchase those -- and she was right.

Women have two or three favorite necklaces that go with everything, but they really like to change up their bracelets to match outfits or to complement them. So it's easier to match a bracelet with something than a necklace.

And I was getting ready for my first jewelry party at the time, so I thought why not?

Pictured here are only two of the MANY designs that I have done; the left is the Mix N Match pink bracelet, i.e., a more exciting explosion of charm bracelet. Then on the right is the really simple lentil shell bracelet, which continues to be a favorite and comes in turquoise, white, gray, amber, etc..

And right now I have a really cute stone donut and jump ring bracelet being featured on my website - there's also a great turquoise mother of pearl shell bracelet design that I've sold quite a few of that I have to get up at some point.

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