Thursday, January 21, 2010

Featured Etsy Seller: monamiga

format="true" name="heading 5"> I posted an alchemy request a month ago requesting a creative care package for my deployed soldier. Since then, I've had the pleasure of communicating with this great seller and her shop, Ami of monamiga.

What I really love about monamiga is the attention to sustainability. I always look for new ways to recycle items, and eventually monamiga hopes to only provide products that are made from repurposed materials! As an earthy person, she loves hiking and attempts to impart serenity with her products, in addition this motivates her to continue aspiring to her eventual sustainable goal.

Her favorite shop on etsy is Bloom Studios, (, super pretty rings, check them out!) and she loves how the gold is recycled, and the stones are natural.

Ami admits that she struggles with promotion - hopefully this blog post will push in the right direction ;) - but she has an etsy slot and sometimes visits the chats on etsy. She's lucky enough to have direct traffic, which is okay with her for now as she is still refining her product.


Here's my favorite product, a foot soak, $8.00 that she was generous enough to donate to my soldier.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Soldier's Angels

So when in high school, I did community service via joining an organization called Soldier's Angels. It is a non-profit organization that matches up deployed soldiers in "adoptions" with its members. The adopt-ers then send a letter a week and a care package a month to their adoptee.

It was SO rewarding, giving back like that - my soldier was the sweetest guy, and I saved his letters. I also joined the Letter Writing Team, which I continued to do after my adopted guy came home. I started a scrapbook of all my letters, and it's so great to pull out and browse through.

I became a team leader of the LWT, but in my junior year of college I just had too much work, so I stepped down. But ever since my grandfather passed away, I've been thinking about SA a lot. I finally rejoined in honor of him last month, and have a brand new adoptee. She's my age, and I've gotten two letters from her.

So if you are interested in giving back, this is a GREAT way to do it! Here is the website to sign up:

They have teams, a store, and a community forum. Browse around and check it out!

Also in honor of my grandfather, who was a Purple Heart recipient, I have developed a line of clothing, bags and hats called "Purple Hart". Pics will be up soon, and I'm going to throw them in my etsy shop. I want to donate a majority of the proceeds to SA, as they have a wounded veterans program. Stay tuned!

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