Thursday, January 26, 2012

Swarovski Valentine's Day Heart Necklaces

Guess what, guys? Only a few weeks left until Valentine's Day! How is your shopping going?

Devoted 2 You Heart Necklace, $18
If you're like most men, you probably haven't even started. And that's OK - I've got this.

Featuring the newest line of handmade jewelry, the Ash Tree 2012 Valentine's Day Collection. In it, I've featured a selection of different shape hearts all within the "Key to My Heart" theme. Here are some images and breakdowns of the symbolism of each heart that you can then lovingly explain to your Valentine this year.

Passion Pink Wild Heart Necklace
Devoted to You Heart Pendant. This pendant necklace features a fun heart shape, with the Swarovski crystal heart itself sweeping down in a simple, different, and yet elegant, shape. Like all of the Ash Tree Valentine's 2012 Collection, this features a single pewter key charm, tying the concept of "Key to My Heart" into the beauty of the piece.

Wild Heart Pendant. The innovative shape of this piece represents a passionate love, and is perfect for the "wild" girl, or one who cherishes her individuality. The Swarovski crystal pendant features an elongated shape with asymmetric faceting, and the elegant shape offers a modern twist Valentine's Day jewelry.

I Love You Pendant. This is the simple and elegant heart shape piece that is perfect for the traditional, sophisticated woman. The Swarovski crystal one-of-a-kind brilliance and intense luminosity is a result of alternating large and small facets throughout the pendant.

Miss You Heart Pendant
Miss You Heart Pendant. The Miss U Heart crystal pendant features a surface is covered in irregular long and short flat facets for a hip, modern flash of light. The absence of a the complete whole heart represents a symbolic placement, conveying a sense of "You Are In My Heart".

It's a fabulously modern spin on the classic heart pendant, and is great for the long-distance relationship - or as a simple love reminder every day.

With all these options, boys, you don't just have to settle for Valentine's Day! If by chance you're too late to take advantage of these pieces, you can always get one of these affordable Swarovski Crystal Heart Pendant Necklace for her birthday - any time of year - by contacting me, visiting the Ash Tree Shop, or stopping by the retail store location, 6 In the Shipyard!

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