Thursday, June 4, 2009

Trip to Bermuda - "Hey, I can make that – and cheaper!"

So my family and I went on vacation to Bermuda last year, and this was about the time where I was getting interested in looking for jewelry inspirations. Bermuda has a lot of turisty stuff, but it also has a very unique style. They just LOVE shells, bright colors, and big dangly things. Which was perfect, because I'm all over that stuff.

So I returned home to the lovely weather of Boston, Massachusetts armed with new ideas. First of which was the dangly necklace, already pictured in the previous post. Second were seaglass rings. (p.s., I write seaglass as 1 word but apparently it's two. Sorry.) I saw a local artisan making them, but she was using sterling silver wire and wrapping them in a really complicated way. So I studied them, tried them on, and was confident that I could make a similar design (without copying, of course!) with silver plate wire and my own wire-wrapping style.

For those who condemn me - I heard an applicable quote once last year at art school about replicating paintings, in other words, learning to paint by painting masterpieces: " In 'copying' a master of art, it is really impossible to replicate the piece exactly; a little bit of you always shows through."

I had a ton of seaglass from when I was younger and my family and I would go out on our boat and collect seaglass from the Islands around Boston (i.e., Portuguese Cove was GREAT for that!). I still have a LOT more. But anyway, I'm selling them off at $12 each (sometimes $10 if you catch me at a lucrative art sale and in a good mood :) which is a great price! And I just ordered a ring sizer from Nile Corp jewelry supply, so I can get a more accurate idea of what are the more popular sizes - I made a great deal of rings before the 2009 Sidewalk Sale this year, and sold a bunch, but at the last few sales I've had, people have said that I do not have their size. So bear with me!

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