Sunday, October 17, 2010

Professionally Written Invitations

Professionally Written Invitations, $8 each
Have invitations for your next function, party, or special event professionally written by a calligrapher. My professional calligraphy services are not only affordable, but are also beautiful and deliver high-quality results. 

Pictured here was a recent full invitation - calligraphy job that I completed for a client who needed invitations written out for an event her club was hosting. 

The club's logo was a bee, so she purchased cardstock from the Paper Source (Crane & Co., one of my favorite vendors of high-quality paper products) with an embossed golden bee logo. She also needed envelopes addressed for the recipients, which I completed on the accompanying envelopes lined with deep purple and gold honeycomb paper for 30 invitations.

So, thinking about adding that extra something to your next function's invites? My calligrapher pricing is extremely reasonable: this job was completed for $8 per envelope, and $1.50 per envelope address. Read more at the full Calligraphy services listing at my Etsy shop. 

Contact me today for your free quote and consultation!

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