Friday, June 3, 2011

Coquette Bath Guest Post: Wedding Gifts

Your wedding is your special day, reflecting your internal commitment to one another, the outer celebration will be unique for everyone. We all dream over the fantasy wedding events (like the recent televised marriage of the Duke & Duchess of Cambridge (Will & Katherine) but in reality, you're on a budget, aren't you? And you're trying to offer the best possible memories to everyone without going too crazy.

Choosing the right invitation, service arrangement, dress and music is vital. But so are other littler things. Such as the gifts given to your attendants, the parents of both bride and groom, and little gifts given in remembrance to your guests. While not the standard wedding gift, Cari of Coquette Bath & Home™ does have a few suggestions about unique and memorable wedding gifts.

"I've been making soap, candles and such for more than 10 years. About 7 years ago, I started getting requests for wedding favors. And that's when I began doing custom sachets and jar candles." Sachets are a very lovely memory of your event. Packaged in a customized (if you choose) container, this is a gift that not only will be used, but the gentle fragrance will remind folks for months about your special day.

Ditto jar candles. Cari's about to introduce a very cute boxed jar candle (coming this fall) in a variety of scents, but for now, you could opt for one of her 6oz travel candles in a variety of great fragrances. And even if the scent you want isn't listed, she can do that for you, too! "Brides have special needs, and I work hard to make their dreams come alive."

Wedding candles and sachets (particularly with custom labels) are special order. Contact Cari at for all the information. Want a special bridesmaid gift? She highly recommends her wonderful roll-on perfume oils (at just $7.25 each!). And, for everyone, even if you don't want to buy custom, check out her site and use code Sorbet11 to save 15% off all orders until 8/31/11! Previously reduced items and jar candles (the big heavy ones) are excluded as are special orders from this code. Enjoy!

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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Ash Tree Website Design

After working over a year as a Marketing Associate, I've learned a lot about websites, their functionality - and even how to build them.

The following are two websites that I designed the layout of, and continue to blog for regularly. The first is 6 In the Shipyard, which is the store location where you can find all of the Ash Tree's handmade jewelry and Dock This Way customized embroidery gifts.

I make sure the website's blog has at least a post every week, and you'll occasionally see guest posts by Ash Tree talking about new collections, images of my newest work in stock at the shop, or other Fashion commentary. Great blog to subscribe to for email alerts!

The second, RAM Construction, was actually made for my boyfriend (aw! I'm so nice) who is a carpenter and entrepreneur: I wrote content for a ton of pages, each describing different skills and jobs that he does. I also added an page breaking down areas he serves, as well as a page for a "Construction Portfolio", so prospective clients are able to see past jobs he has had.

I also blog for him once a week, which is interesting to look up how he does his job then writing about it. My favorite part of this is my #52 Ways to Improve Your Home segment, where every week I research and throw down a new idea for home improvements, including remodeling, small home construction projects, or fun interior decoration articles, which is a bit girly but I get to write it so whatever.

If you are in the need of a basic website, my rates are really reasonable: for a flat rate, I can set your website up, write some basic content, get you on Facebook,  Twitter, Yelp, etc. If you are unable to blog at least once a week, I can also offer SEO maintenance services, where I can write for you and help you out with your online marketing initiatives.

Contact me today to find out more information!

Have an opinion on these websites? I'd love to hear your feedback!

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