Monday, June 10, 2013

Bar Menu Calligraphy

Open Bar Menu in Calligraphy, $5 each
The ceremony is over, and it's time to party! Let guests know what beverages are available at your reception with a stunning bar menu in calligraphy.

A bride recently commissioned several signs for her wedding's open bar, which depicted all alcohol available for guests to choose from. This saves time -as each guest is not asking the bartender what drinks are available, then having to make a decision - as well as gives something for guests to look at and make their drink selections while waiting in line at the bar. And we all know less time thinking + more time drinking = happy guests!

Wedding Signature Drink in Calligraphy, $5 each

Another option that is increasing in popularity recently is the "Signature Drink". For those who chose a more simple drink selection for their wedding reception, this offers guests a single cocktail to eliminate the guesswork. Typically served in addition to a basic wine and beer selection, the signature drink is also a great opportunity to showcase your creativity or celebrate your uniqueness as a couple. For example, the bride above created a "Moortini" for her signature drink - and her menu in calligraphy breaks down the ingredients as well as a sweet caption on the drink itself: "A little but of sweetness with a pinch of love". Adorable.

Want to kick your reception up a notch with custom menus in calligraphy? Prices vary slightly depending on what you are looking for, but a ballpark is about $5 per menu. Shoot me an email to talk about your ideas, and let's make your reception the best it can be!

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