Tuesday, September 4, 2012

The David - Pastel Drawing

Just for fun, but check out my commissioned artwork offerings

I finally broke down during the tax-free weekend in August and bought myself a nice set of new pastels: they are pretty expensive, and I haven't used them since living in Italy, where my bag was so packed on the way home that I had leave them there. While they were well - used, the case was broken and I had to make a choice. 

But it was fun to break them out again. It's interesting that I've always favored the soft pastel, but think they are so powdery. They are really forgiving if you want to layer on color if you change your mind, but you have to be careful about muddying up an image with blending. 

So I got a picture of The David from Florence - one with a different perspective - and did a quick sketch out with my pastels, feeling out the contours of his muscles and face without much blending. I kind of liked the texture of no blending anyway...how it feels really quick and strong. It obviously is not finished and I only focused on the cool parts of the image rather than the whole thing (big artist no-no), but what matters is that I am drawing again. 

I have done commissioned pastels in the past, so if you're looking to do something with a creative spin, I'd love to talk to you. Pricing varies on project and size, and you can read more about my commissioned work here. Working with people on creative projects like this is always the best! Shoot me an email to get started!

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