Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Cute Bike Place Cards for Wedding!

Had an inquiry today from a bride who was thinking about using these place cards from Wedding Paper Divas for her wedding, and I just had to share for those brides looking for reception table inspiration. These are ivory cards, folded, with that are 3.50 x 2.00 in size.

Pink Bike Wedding Place Card, min. order $2.19 each. From Wedding Paper Divas

I really love cards like this with simple, understated graphics. The bike here just struck me as being so original, and I do love pink. Looks like the design also comes in orange and green, and they have a custom color option. The price per card varies on the amount of cards you are looking for: a set of 10 is $2.19 each. When I do calligraphy for place cards, I usually do about 100: assuming one guest gets one place card. Another option would be to put couples on one card.

Looking for calligraphy on place cards for your wedding reception? Contact Ash Tree Calligraphy today to receive a free quote and to set up a consultation on your job to help you get the wedding of your dreams!

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