Thursday, June 4, 2009

"The Family Business" - And yes, it's exactly as it sounds

I got my entrepreneurial spunk and creativity from my parents, and I have to give them credit in this post.

My Dad is amazing. Ever since I was little, I remember being able to bring him anything that was broken, and he could fix it. Like my CD Walkman, which he fixed with a fork and a piece of string. Don't ask.

He also got really involved in projects with me; like I was an angel for a Christmas pagent, and Dad made these crazy cardboard wings that he spray-painted gold and white (airbrushed to look like feathers, of course). He then attached clear fishing string from my wings to little hoops around my thumbs, so that when I moved my thumbs up and down, the cardboard wings would flap.

I'm telling you, absolutely amazing! He's now doing marine canvas and upholstery work, so PLEASE let me know if you need work done, because he is the best, GUARANTEED! He also does a bazillion other things, like make awesome signs and repaints names on boats.

Mom is also one of the most intelligent, passionate and strong women I have ever known in my life. We have co-founded a company together called "Dock This Way Embroidery & Design". She is a saleswomen, very charismatic and inspiring. She's quick on her feet, and worked in corporate situations where she handled clients and stressful people VERY well. She's also got a great eye for color, and does a great deal of interior design work. Pictured here is an item from our *intimate apparel* collection, of cute underwear and PJs...I think its a nice nautical depiction on the butt :)

Dock This Way is a customizable merchandise shop that we are currently negotiating a lease in the new Launch in the Hingham Ship Yard.

We may or may not factor in the constant playing of Aerosmith throught our store in our business plan :)

(Get it? DOCK THIS WAY!!! Ha ha...)

Pictured above: Left, my dad re-upholstered this entire chair. Right, one of the embroidered PJ sets.

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