Friday, May 21, 2010

Do you know YELP?

I recently checked YELP out because I read a blog post about it. And then looked up a place that treated me SO BADLY that I had to trash it. Yeah, I know - real mature. But it was in all honestly, totally that bad. I remember wanting to call the manager or something that day.

So it is a great website to review business locations, and is very helpful to research places before you go there or participate. For example, I reviewed The Paper Source in Harvard Square, because it has the most awful customer service I have ever experienced. The people who work there, for some reason, are very high-and-mighty: and no one deserves to be treated like that.

I also looked up Boston Sports Clubs, because I was debating joining a gym. The one a few blocks away from my place had really great reviews, so I checked out their website and found that they were having a student special. I was put in contact with someone there, and he was great about answering my questions and helping me sign up. So I'm now a member!

You can find my calligraphy page under Ash Tree Calligraphy, and also all my handmade jewelry is now in a retail location, 6 In the Shipyard.

So it's definitely worth checking out - especially to see if your business is being reviewed. It's also fun to review/read up on restaurants to visit. Sign up and friend me! :D

And don't forget those glamorous reviews of my businesses ;)

Monday, May 17, 2010

Handmade Journals

I enrolled in a class called Book Arts this year, and completely fell in love with it. There was just something about the process that was so meditative, and the results were just so satisfying. I really enjoyed making hardcover journals, and have put up two models on my etsy site. These are difficult to sell online, because I believe - like much of my work - they are so tactile and fun to flip through, that it's difficult to make a purchasing decision.

The little handmade journals are the best - they are the perfect size to carry around, keep as an agenda or reminder books. Journals, apparently, are "in". Why? Probably the same quality of tactility is so rare and valued in a society that is increasing its dependence on internet/online. Feeling something substantial is very attractive!

I've made journals spanning the color wheel - I typically get inspired by papers that I buy, and love to emboss one contrasting paper on top of another. I was surprised to see how many books that I sold at the Sidewalk Sale - I take a real pride in their craftsmanship, and its good to see that it's appreciated!!

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