Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Evil Eye Jewelry

Introducing the latest in Ash Tree Designs: Evil Eye Jewelery!

The inspiration for these pieces came from a belief in Greece which I had learned about in my visit there last year, and had further researched recently. Evil Eye jewelry works when the wearer is given the "Evil Eye", or a look of envy or ill-will from another: the wearer's "eye" then looks back at them, neutralizing the negative energy and keeping the wearer safe. 

Evil Eye Bracelet, $8
Many people in the Middle East believe that receiving envious stares from other scan bring you bad luck. The most common Evil Eye bead is a beautiful blue color, because in the dry land of Turkey, "blue" water is precious and life-giving. I use a large blue bead for my most basic piece, the Evil Eye Bracelet, $8 which is threaded on a black cord adjustable with two slip knots.
Evil Eye Jewelry Now Available from The Ash Tree!
In addition to the simple Evil Eye Bracelets now available from the Ash Tree (and can be bought at Ash Tree's 6 In the Shipyard Hingham store location!) there are also many other colors of Evil Eye jewelry available. Red, another popular color, is often associated with luck and good fortune.

Shop all Evil Eye products in Ash Tree Handmade Jewelry online, or stop by the 6 In the Shipyard in Hingham, MA to pick up a good-luck, good-karma jewelry piece of your very own! Makes a great gift for guys, too :)

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