Monday, August 6, 2012

Wedding Calligraphy: White Ink on Charcoal Envelopes

Calligraphy for Wedding Envelopes, $2 each
I have to admit, working on darker toned envelopes is always my favorite - because I get to use white ink, and I always am so happy with how they turn out! This couple met with me and after discussing their Boston wedding, gave me their charcoal envelopes with a cool map lining of Boston's Charles River. I thought this was such a cool, small personal touch - so between that and the white ink request, I was eager to get started!

The bride used a map of Boston's Charles River as an envelope liner!
The envelopes came out beautifully: it was about 100 outer envelopes that needed to be addressed in white ink calligraphy, as well as corresponding RSVP envelopes. Guests would mail their reply in with a small white envelopes included with the invitation made of gorgeous white paper - and I was able to make a custom ink mix to match the envelopes, to use for the response envelope address, which happened to be the bride's mother. They came out beautiful!

If you are looking for a unique touch for your wedding invitations, contact me for a wedding calligraphy consultation, and we'll get you started!

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