Friday, January 14, 2011

Handmade Travel Book

Travel Journal and Souvenir Book, $20
Need the personal book to keep all of your traveling memories and souvenirs in? I have the perfect solution!

A client came to me last month and inquired about my Before I Forget handmade book series. She loved the travel paper, and was looking for a gift for her boyfriend, who was looking for a way to document his travels. With a few design tweaks, we came up with the perfect page template for a Travel Book.

The left page is where all of the details of your trip are recorded: there's enough space for a quick weekend getaway, or use several pages to document a big European vacation! You can write where the trip was, places visited, the date you traveled, and much more in the lined notes section.

Page Detail: Record all of your adventures on the left page!
The right page is blank except for a "pictures and souvenirs" heading at the top. You can get a lot more creative here, add ticket stubs to the museums you visit, quick sketches of what you see, etc.An elegant-looking scrapbook-on-the-go!

The custom item is in my Ash Tree Designs shop, but I have the template and you can order this for your very own! Check it out, and let me know what you think :)

Looking to make your own handmade book project? Have a certain theme in mind? Email me!

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