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Guest Post: How to Make the Perfect Homemade Bracelet your Man will Love (And Wear)

When you give a present to your boyfriend, fiance, or husband, for his birthday or for no special reason at all, you often wonder if he actually liked it or not. If he will ever use it or just store it inside his drawer. It is innate for men that they do not display how they truly feel, but like women, they do value whatever it is that you give him, especially if you had dedicated your time and effort in making that present.

There are many choices of gifts to give and choosing the perfect one, more often than not gives you a hard time. What you give should reflect you how special he is to you. A homemade bracelet wholeheartedly crafted for him would be a fine choice. Men are not fond of wearing jewelry. They can make do with just a watch or bracelet. So be sure that the bracelet you are to create will suit his taste and will actually be wearable.

Bracelets can be created from various raw supplies readily available in craft stores. Beads, leathers, chains you name it, there will always be one that will suit your man’s style.

Men's Leather Cuff, $50 from rainwheel
Leather bracelet

Leather is an uncomplicated material that will produce a numerous style of bracelets depending on how you construct it. A single strip of polished leather in a moderate width will look elegant if accentuated with a plain bar of metal. If you want an ethnic feel, start with a wide strip of leather then put a row of little holes on either side of the strip. Thread a long, thin leather cord through the holes in a crisscross pattern. Put a snap-on button on its end that will serve as the lock of the bracelet. Decorate the leather with some metal studs if you have a guy who loves to rock and roll. And not to forget the classic one, a simple braided strips of leather that goes well with any style.

Simple Beaded "Evil Eye" Bracelet, $10

Beaded bracelet

Beaded bracelets for men differ a lot in contrast to those specifically made for women. If you want to create a beaded bracelet for your guy, use beads that are larger in diameter and with rustic appeal. Go for materials made of wood, clay or stone. Use of thread that is thin enough to pass through the holes of the beads yet sturdy enough to hold them together is important to avoid bending due to the weight of the beads when the bracelet is being worn.

Surfer Hemp Leather Bracelet Wristband, $8 from LeatherBracelet1
Hemp bracelet
Hemp bracelet has become especially popular nowadays. It is unique, comfortable to wear and very affordable. It is made of hemp twine, a tough fiber derived from an Asian plant. The signature color of this twine is tan, its natural shade, and is fitting for men’s taste. To make one, you have to be knowledgeable on how to do different styles of knots, weaves and braids to produce a unique design. This style of bracelet carries no clasps or locks to keep it in place. Instead, they use a long cord that is knotted adjoining with the other end to adjust depending on the size of the wrist.

Now it is up to you to decide on what style will be best to create for him. Keep in mind that whatever bracelet type you settle on, work on it with love. Your handcraft may not be perfectly polished, but it will not matter a bit. What is important is that you give you best to give him a perfect gift that comes from your heart.

About the author: Sarah is the relationship manager of Nanostyle. NanoStyle is the first and only to imprint 24kt gold on Cubic Zirconia jewelry. The company is famous for creating elegant love pendants and Christian pendants

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