Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Calligraphy for Wedding Invitations

I had the fortunate pleasure of working with a delightful bride: one that really makes me love my job as a Boston wedding calligrapher. As a bride, she had a clear understanding of what she wanted, while being open to my ideas to help her - which always makes for a good bride-calligrapher relationship. She was also prompt, communicative, appreciative, and completely raved about my work when I completed her job.

"I thumbed through the envelopes -- I didn't feel as though I adequately expressed this when picking up the envelopes, but, truly, I am overjoyed at the results -- and I have high expectations! You have a beautiful talent, and I am just so glad that we met.  Thank you again -- it means so much to me to see the effort you are putting into this.  It could not have been a better fit." Melissa, Calligraphy Wedding Invitations Completed 2011

Melissa needed calligraphy for Inner and Outer Envelopes for her wedding invitations, priced at $2.50 per set. She also had an illustrated theme to her wedding, so she went with the more whimsical "dots" accents in between my signature spread out zip code.

If you are a bride looking for wedding calligraphy, look no further! I have worked with brides both in the city of Boston and as far away as New York City. Contact a professional calligrapher today if you have any questions about wedding calligraphy, wedding calligraphy pricing, etc. Be sure to also request a free consultation!

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