Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Silver Starfish Necklaces

Silver Starfish Necklace, $18
I'm so pleased with the popularity of these silver starfish pendants during the holiday season. Everyone loves starfish, and with a simple and elegant piece like this, MEGA MONDAY customers can't seem to get enough!

There are two versions of this necklace that I am featuring both in my Ash Tree Designs Shop, and in the retail store location 6 In the Shipyard. The version I introduced first, pictured above, took off immediately. It featured an antiqued pewter silver starfish pendant with long, skinny arms: it's hidden bail makes it seem to "float" on the necklace (okay...maybe nautical pun intended...) I have these starfish pendants on white, black, and even pink rolled leather necklaces, which are strong cords with a beautiful finished look.

Puffed Out Silver Starfish Necklaces, $15 each

I also created a slightly smaller and less expensive version of this pendant, pictured above. This antiqued pewter starfish is slightly puffed out, and very cute available on pink, black, and white necklaces.They've made great stocking stuffers for our 6 In the Shipyard clients, and because they are limited edition I've sold nearly half my stock already. They also make a great compliment to the brilliant Swarovski Crystal Starfish Necklaces ($18 in Bermuda Blue and Clear) that I also have available.

Check out my Etsy shop to get your own nautical necklace today!

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