Monday, January 9, 2012

Silver Bangle Charm Bracelets

Nautical Charm Bangle Bracelets, $25 each

Now that we're into the bitter cold January weather, it's the perfect time to remember summer. Remember how warm you were? Remember being out on your boat, walking around outside without a jacket on?

Simple Starfish Charm Bracelet, $25

Well I do. At least, I try to. With the newest line of silver charm bangles, I think summer can be worn every day. With Christmas over, there are still birthdays, anniversaries - (and don't forget Valentine's Day, which will be here before you know it!) all perfect times to give her a beautiful and elegant piece of jewelry - that's not only handmade by a local artist, but won't break the bank.

Bangle secures by squeezing the hook to secure over the ball.
 Because of their simplicity, they are the perfect piece for any outfit. You can see from the image above that you simply squeeze the bracelet together to secure or remove the hook over the silver ball to hold the bangle in place. Very sturdy, and nearly impossible to lose!

There are several nautical charm bracelets available: starfish, quahog shell, scallop shell, anchor, and sailboat charms. Visit the Ash Tree Designs online store, the 6 In the Shipyard retail location, or contact me to order your piece, or talk about other charm options that you may have your heart set on ;)

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