Monday, December 19, 2011

Hand Crafted Cheese Boards

Handcrafted Cheese Boards, $32
I'm so excited to be featuring these! Made from skilled carpenter craftsman Mr. Richard McManus of RAM Construction located in Topsfield, MA, these gorgeous handmade cheese boards are carefully crafted out of local Massachusetts wood. The boards have been treated with natural mineral oil to preserve the board, and each one is food safe, guaranteed not to split for life.
I found your next housewarming gift for hostess!
The detail in the contrasting maple and oak wood panels is stunning, and perfect for serving cheese and crackers at parties.

Makes an excellent, unique and thoughtful gift for your next hostess, housewarming, or wedding shower - and the quality is outstanding.

These are so fun to pick up and feel how smooth they are, (if you're weird like that - like I am...) so if you're local I recommend stopping by 6 In the Shipyard to check them out.

And if you're looking to round this unique gift out with a little something extra, I recommend checking out these cheese knives available from Williams Sonoma. The beautiful wooden handles of each cheese knife are a perfect match with these local woods featured in these handmade cheese boards. You can purchase the whole set for $49.95, either online at the Williams Sonoma website, or at a W-S retail store location.

Williams Sonoma Cheese Knives, Set of 5 $49.95
 Help Support Local Artisans: Purchase Your Handmade Cheese Board Online Now!

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