Thursday, July 8, 2010

Listography: Live Your Life with Lists

While idly browsing through Blick a few days ago, (which I must stop doing. Damn those art stores so full of awesome) I was checking out one of the cool tables full of funky products - you know, full of amazingness I DON'T need.

Anyway, I saw this book called "Listography", which is an illustrated notebook that prompts you to fill in entries in the form of lists. I keep a journal personally, but I liked the idea of having suggestions to guide you in recording your life at this point in time. I actually thought of my little sister, who graduated 8th grade and is now heading into Archbishop Williams High School (My high school, btws) - she's really not a journal-keeper, and I thought this would be a unique way to preserve a piece of her thoughts and dreams at this point of her life. Aw, look at me :)

I made Olivia a handmade book, bound some blank cream paper covered in coral-orange and turquoise. I really liked the contrast of the complimentary colors, especially lining inside with a beautiful deep navy paper. And since I do calligraphy, I figured I could give the book a personal touch by not only making it, but also writing out some lists for her to fill out. Not sure if this idea is mass-produceable, but for a one of a kind, personal piece I thought it was perfect.

In coming up with inspiration, I found this website called It's so cool! You can create your own lists, edit them, and have the chance to really sit down and think about what's important to you, what memories you value. There's also the lame lists like "to-dos", but you can also browse other people's profiles and get inspired from their lists as well. It's fun to do when you're bored, and there's a random "generate list topic" option if you don't know where to start.

The books are definitely worth picking up and flipping through at a bookstore. The cutesy illustrated look is not exactly my style, which is why I made my own, but I really do love the concept. As an artist in this instance, do you feel as though borrowing this concept is okay?

My username is aosgood - look me up and let me know what you think of my lists!

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