Monday, July 12, 2010

Book Review: Crazy Bosses

Crazy Bosses!

Everyone encounters them at some point. Unfortunately, according to Stanley Bing, a certain amount of crazy seems to be necessary to keep management running smoothly. Huh.
Citing ridiculous examples from eyewitnesses, Bing identifies the Five Different Types of Crazy Bosses, outlining both symptoms to identify them by, and then a chart of things you can do (to maintain your sanity) corresponding to level of effectiveness. The 5 types are: The Bully, The Paranoid, The Narcissist, The Wimp, and ultimately, The Disaster Hunter.

I thought this book was funny in addition to being enlightening, albeit in an arrogant way. It gave great insight to the reasonings of those crazy people - and when these behaviors are set next to an explanation, it actually helps you understand the mentality (stress on MENTAL) of these people. Knowing that you are not alone, in addition to trying to find the humor in your situation and gaining the knowledge that you are not alone helps out a lot. One of my favorite points that Bing makes is that a crazy boss actually bands you and your coworkers together, dealing with this insane person.

Bottom Line: Quick, easy summer read. Light and funny, and a great summer or vacation book. If the topic alone doesn't intrigue you, curiosity should! :)

If you've read it, let me know what you think!

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