Monday, July 5, 2010

Featured Etsy Seller: ScapHappyLyrebird

In love of the Victorian aesthetic as so clearly represented by her shop, ScrapHappyLyrebird, the shop's owner loves scouring antique shops for cabinet cards and other 19th century photographs. Pictured above is her shop pick, which is a one of her keepsake boxes with an example of its contents.

"This photo represents my shop because it evokes a feeling of romance and nostalgia with ideas of what it could be used for."

Tess, 26, a huge Red Sox fan btws, is fascinated with faces of people from 100 years ago and glimpsing into their lives. With this, she also likes attaching stories to the photographs, trying to understand what they were like. When beginning a new decoupage project, she looks through her collection and tries to create something she thinks that these people would have used.

"Maybe a beautiful young girl would keep a mirror box on her vanity, or perhaps a gentleman would keep all of his travel souvenirs in a box on his desk. Doing this gives my pieces connections to the past, which I think is very important."

She considers her greatest strength to be the cohesiveness and overall aesthetics of her products. As far as weaknesses go, she thinks that her etsy photography needs some work, and hopes to reach for the high quality of photos that are now on etsy. Speaking of Etsy, her favorite shop is MamasLittleBabies: with the edgy Victorian jewelry that celebrates the Victorian obsession with oddities and curiosities.

For new artists, she advises them to never give up - while it's easy to doubt yourself at the beginning, if you are making something that you love and believe in, than other people will love it, too.

You can visit her blog here:, and she features Victorian inspired artists on Etsy.

Below is my favorite item of hers, The Sweet Bee Keepsake Box, $17. I love boxes, period, and the look of this one makes me really happy. :D

Great work Tess, and holla for Boston Etsy artists!! :)


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