Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Rose Quartz Bangle

The latest piece in my handmade jewelry line is this delicate Rose Quartz Beaded Bangle. This was a really fun piece to work on - using 2 different gauges of wire, 16 and 22, it was almost like braiding. I had to string a head, curve the thicker wire around the rose quartz sphere, then wrap the 22 gauge and start over again. Seriously complicated. And thus awesome. Fellow artists will understand. :)

Due to the size of the beads, the resulting piece echoes organic shapes reflecting the beads natural beauty. Not to mention how great rose quartz looks against the bright silver plated wire: and on a tan model ;)

This is a delicate bangle piece is intended for tiny wrists, as the thicker wire forms the shape and holds it in place. I am going to experiment with different beads and bead sizes to make a larger size: I just bought some Amazonite beads, which are a deep jade green color. I think that this would look great against the silver - but for now, the pink quartz looks awesome!

You can find this Handmade Bracelet in my shop for sale at $15. Shoot me a convo if you have any questions, or let me know what you think about this new design!

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