Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Featured Etsy Seller: Leksidesigns

Today's featured Etsy seller is Brooke from Leksi Designs!

Her shop is full of pretty shiny things, as she specializes in handmade flower accessories and custom hand-stamped jewelry. She named the shop after her daughter, Aleksis, nicknamed Leksi. She got into metal jewelry stamping when she was shopping for a piece for herself - isn't that a natural place to get started with any artist? ;) She thought that she would just make it for herself, and people asked about the pieces she was wearing = ETSY SHOP!!

When not stamping pretty things, she works full-time for a school district while taking Master's Courses at night (awesome.) She's also a cheerleading coach and hopes to run a few marathons this summer, which is a few more than I will ever run. Ever. Her jewelry time is wind-down time in the late eventings, and she hopes to one day find more time to pursue it. But for now her creative outlet seems to be working out great!!

For new artists, she advises taking time to dream up something really unique before advertising. Both quality and quantity are necessary to really "make it", as well as fantastic photographs of your work, and top-notch customer service! While most of her promotions are through word of mouth and her blog, she gets more sales through email than anything else.

You can find more info on LeksiDesigns here:

Facebook Fan Page:!/pages/Camdenton-MO/Leksi-Designs/109971549035743

So far, her favorite piece is her Handstamped Quote Cuff. While browsing her shop, I really liked her vintage pieces as well, and my favorite is the Colorful Butterfly Ring with Filigree Center, $18.

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