Monday, June 21, 2010

To Do Daily Agenda

New Item listed on Etsy! Handmade To-Do Daily Agenda book

I feel as though lately my life is nothing but lists and lists of things to do and things I didn't do that I should have. So, I thought that this may be a great way to better break down tasks: and I know that we are in a digital age, but turning a page is so much more satisfying and screams "accomplished!" than deleting something off of your calendar, or not doing anything to it at all.
This is a first edition book, so I did it in the classic black color scheme. I covered it with black handmade paper with silver "windows", that I thought looked very orderly and systematic looking - perfect for a daily agenda! Then I used a small strip of shiny, crocodile-textured paper to designate the front of the book. I recommend this book for artists, and at the discount price of $10, what have you got to lose?

Inside, there are 2 pages for each day:

-The left page shows the date, with lines for you to mark all of your tasks that you have to do for the day.-You come to the next page at the end of the day, where you carry over unfinished tasks.-There is also a helpful area with names and addresses that have to be followed up on, like clients.
-Additional notes to self!
There are approx. 200+ pages, and the pages are made out of recycled cream paper. Dimensions 6" w x 8 1/2" h. The pages are bound with hand sewn signatures, and the book is also lined with handmade paper. More editions, colors, and styles to come!

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