Monday, June 28, 2010

Yoga On Top of Boston!

Last Tuesday, my coworkers and I participated in a free offer with FP3, in collaboration with South Boston Yoga Studio and Plank at an FP3 penthouse! (I'm in the above picture on the bottom left, in the black tank top!) First was a fast-paced *warm* session of yoga, taught by very bendable and funny David Vendetti of South Boston Yoga. On the way out, there were some spa goody bags provided by Bliss: which had tote bags, facial samples, a book and a ton of other stuff. There was also amazing fresh-fruit-infused cocktails provided by Cold River Vodka. And yeah, after an intense session of yoga, a cocktail or two is required. I also got a FREE artistic and eco-friendly Plank yoga mat that was designed by a very talented yoga guru, Doreen Hing. And it was all free. Yeah.

Soooo you should check out FP3's blog for future events. Because, in case you don't remember, here's what I got:

  • Free booze - fruity mango and strawberry drink with Cold River Vodka
  • Free yoga lesson, in a PENTHOUSE overlooking BOSTON (see above photoness)
  • Free yoga mat to do said-yoga on - mine was the plank design, and apparently these are $95 ea.!
  • Free booze again
  • Free hor d'oerves in the form of fruit, sushi, and chicken on a stick (not all on the same stick)
  • Free gift bag with a book, facial samples, book, 2 tote bags, etc..
  • One more free booze



  1. Yoga on top of a building, how cool! Can't tire of the view.

  2. Thank you for the post & thumbs up for the event. We'll be doing more, so stay posted to Plank's Fanpage for deets...
    Yep you're lucky to have come to the 1st event where I did gift Plank's Art on Yoga Mats for all participants. Developing Art on a Grippy Yoga Mats is a very difficult process, I hope you're lovin' it...
    and hope to see you at the next Plank - Off the roof event...

  3. Hi Doreen, thanks for the comment! We had a blast, and I do love your yoga mat (it's my first one :) I'll keep checking for future events, thanks again for the great time!


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