Monday, January 11, 2010

"Whenever I feel the urge to exercise, I lie down until it passes."

Ha HA. This came out of a good friend's mouth and I put it on a BLANKET! A very cozy, fleece blanket, and I made my ancient beagle, Sophie, pose with it because she sleeps all day every day all the time.

We have all sorts of snarky sayings that are just BEGGING to be thrown on something. We have been really successful with this blanket, too:

Add a little attitude with an awesome throw to your couch or favorite reading chair. The blankets are those super-soft fleeces that are cozy and warm, but not heavy-so you can use them in the dead of winter or to throw over you on a cool summer night. At the very least, they will be be an excellent conversation piece :)

Here's the etsy listing,

I'm always looking for new, ORIGINAL sayings. If you have a particularly awesome one, shoot me an email and if it passes the very sophisticated test that I have in place, I will design and embroider a fleece for you and send it to you...FREE! How awesome is that?!?

Good luck!!

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