Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Yay For New Things!

Okay, I've got about a thousand ideas and things I gotta do bouncing around in my head, so I figured I'd blog them out. Whew.

First off, I was going through my grandfather's cellar and picked up these old cards with film noir movie stars on them, autographed. I went through that whole film noir phase when I was obsessed with the movies and did pointillisms with white ink on black illustration board, so I was stoked. And I thought, how cool would it be to scan these and sell them in bunches as plain note cards? So that is in process and methods are being researched. Be excited.

Next, I got a few ideas on expanding on my recycled sail line in two totally different directions. One: Recycling camo fabric and creating wallets out of that. Cool beans. Two: Create covers for notebooks out of the sail canvas - I'm a crazy notebook person. It could be cool for like a journal or something with a huge embroidered number across it for boater people.

Lastly, I recently rejoined Soldier's Angels; a nonprofit organization at which you can "adopt" a deployed soldier and write them letters and send care packages once a month. (VERY COOL and so rewarding!! Check them outt ) I did this in honor of my grandfather. I also wanted to honor him by creating a new line called purple hart, which has a graphic designed by myself. I want to give a portion of the proceeds to wounded veterans in some capacity, and have this vision of a funky, edgy clothing and bag line. So stay tuned for THAT.

Blowin your mind yet? Yeah, mine's pretty much all over this blog post...

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