Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Soldier's Angels

So when in high school, I did community service via joining an organization called Soldier's Angels. It is a non-profit organization that matches up deployed soldiers in "adoptions" with its members. The adopt-ers then send a letter a week and a care package a month to their adoptee.

It was SO rewarding, giving back like that - my soldier was the sweetest guy, and I saved his letters. I also joined the Letter Writing Team, which I continued to do after my adopted guy came home. I started a scrapbook of all my letters, and it's so great to pull out and browse through.

I became a team leader of the LWT, but in my junior year of college I just had too much work, so I stepped down. But ever since my grandfather passed away, I've been thinking about SA a lot. I finally rejoined in honor of him last month, and have a brand new adoptee. She's my age, and I've gotten two letters from her.

So if you are interested in giving back, this is a GREAT way to do it! Here is the website to sign up:

They have teams, a store, and a community forum. Browse around and check it out!

Also in honor of my grandfather, who was a Purple Heart recipient, I have developed a line of clothing, bags and hats called "Purple Hart". Pics will be up soon, and I'm going to throw them in my etsy shop. I want to donate a majority of the proceeds to SA, as they have a wounded veterans program. Stay tuned!

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