Monday, February 28, 2011

Bumper Stickers from!

A few weeks back I received an email from a Marketing Associate that had come across my blog and offered me a link exchange: that is, in exchange for placing a link to my website, they would send me some of their product for free.

Buy Bumper Stickers from BuildASign!

The company is called BuildASign, and I worked with the Marketing professional - who was extremely helpful - to come up with a product that I could give away to my readers, or include with a purchase of my product at 6 In the Shipyard. I decided to go with Bumper Stickers, because they are a fun little way of spreading the word about my business. I also looked at a custom banner, but decided the Bumper Stickers were definitely the way to go! Contact me if you'd like me to shoot you one of these gorgeous Bumper Stickers for free, or swing by 6 In the Shipyard's store location!

I received the Bumper Stickers a few weeks back and am thrilled with how they came out! I encourage all my readers to please check out BuildASign if you have any professional signage needs. I thought it was so cool that my blog received recognition as being a valuable source of crafting information and was considered for this marketing initiative - thanks especially to my readers who made it happen!

Additionally, if you'd like to include a link on my blog or want to speak to about potential sponsor opportunities, please contact me.

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