Monday, February 21, 2011

Presidential Suite Photo Shoot

I was so excited to have another opportunity to shoot with Focal Impulse Studio this past month. This time, the company booked the Presidential Suite of the Hotel Marlowe in Cambridge, Massachusetts. The view was breathtaking, and the shots came out gorgeous, as always!

During this shoot, I felt much more comfortable right away than I had the first time. I recommend to those who have only done one Quickie Slam with Focal Impulse to consider doing at least one more - the first time you are nervous, unsure of what to expect, what to bring, and not at all sure how you will react in front of the camera or what angles are most flattering to your body.

I found that during my second shoot, I was more comfortable with shooting and skipped the "awkward-get-comfortable" stage of the shoot, so I was able to get more shots sooner of what I wanted. I also felt more comfortable to voice my opinions of how I wanted to pose or look in a certain outfit, so I was able to get more of what I liked from my first set of photos.

In preparing for this shoot as well, I was more confident when packing outfits and shoes, as I knew having more is always better than having less. I also found that I browsed through magazines looking for poses that I wanted to replicate, and taking mental note of what poses would compliment my body type.

The Focal Impulse staff was great as always, and I was so pleased with my final product(s) once again. I also was able to take advantage of their retouching services, so my pictures looked absolutely gorgeous!

The rate for a Quickie Slam is $150 for a single, with hair and makeup available at an additional cost: which you should definitely go for as your pictures will come out MUCH better. I know for a fact that their February and March Quick Slams are completely booked, so you should contact Focal Impulse today to get slots for April and May...

So if you're on the fence about Boudoir Photography or if you want to see what the modeling experience is really about (hair and makeup done = gorgeous night out!) I definitely recommend that you check out Focal Impulse!

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