Monday, March 7, 2011

Ash Tree and Online Identity

I came across this really interesting blog topic about crafting an "essence of you" when creating a blog. I found it interesting that I had to stop to really consider what is my online identity. Right now, I blog for so many clients, companies, friends, that it can be easy to lose my way. But through it all, there's been the Ash Tree: my personal blog that is going on it's 3rd year now.

Reflecting on this post, I understand that I'm scatterbrained. I don't follow my own advice to clients: that is, to stay consistent and blog about one umbrella topic. This for some reason isn't satisfying for me - I find it much more exciting when I have a plethora of topics to write and comment about. The Ash Tree especially does bounce around a lot - I use the blog to promote several different things: first of which is my creative businesses, which are my wedding calligraphy business, talking about my handmade jewelry line, and my products available at 6 In the Shipyard.

Photo Courtesy of elhawk, Flickr

When nothing creative is happening once per week, I usually throw up some content on a recent experience I've had living in Boston, or recently completed book review. Sometimes my online marketing work even spills over, and I write posts on marketing tips or how to improve your business. Could all this be even more random?

When not trying to promote my business through content and new projects, I guess I just try to write about what I would want to read. I know some people write rambling thoughts about things that no one finds important (no offense, guys. God knows this is one of those posts.) So I try to stay more informative than opinionated.

My next step is to try and foster more online relationships, phase 2 of my online marketing advice that I don't take. I of course respond when I get comments on my blog posts, but generally these are few and far between. I'd like to change that: I'd like to have more of a conversation.

So what do you think? Is the Ash Tree a relate-able, believable online persona? Or am I just a crazy person who's all over the place and needs to get her shit together?

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