Sunday, December 12, 2010

Embossed Place Cards with Wedding Calligraphy

Embossing & Calligraphy for Table Cards, $2.50 each
A recent wedding calligraphy job I completed was for a holiday wedding that took place this month, after I had completed calligraphy for her wedding envelopes. Thanks to the bride, I have some great images to show you!

This bride wanted just a touch of holiday for her December wedding that took place this past weekend. She purchased three different small rubber stamps: a funky line Christmas tree, a more traditional Christmas tree, and a small snowflake. There was also a large snowflake, but I decided to use that one exclusively for the table cards, as it was bigger and would have overtaken the smaller place cards...not to mention be slightly out of place compared to the sizing of the other stamps.

Embossed Place Cards, $1.50 each

She needed her place cards embossed for the wedding reception, and handed over red and ink stamping pads, an embossing tool, stamp cleaner, and embossing powder. So, I got to work!

The embossing process is so much fun! I wanted to create an even amount of stamps and stamp colors, so I decided to emboss all the cards she gave me before writing out her guests' names in calligraphy. Using the three stamps, I decided to do an even amount of six different cards for guest names (each single stamp in red and green). Then to emboss, I stamped the lower right corner, sprinkled with embossing powder and used the heated embossing tool to melt the powder and create the raised, shiny look of an embossed design.

The results were gorgeous! The place card itself was a metallic silver color, so the red and green really popped against the shimmer. I wrote out each couple's name, and then wrote the table number in the left corner to balance the composition of the whole place card out.

There were also 17 tables at the wedding reception that needed calligraphy for table cards. I used the larger snowflake stamp to emboss even amounts of red and green table cards, then used the largest calligraphy nib I have (a C-1, for those keeping track at home!) and used a quill to write out each table number, 1-17. Each table card was placed on an adorable red and green tabletop "present" for each table. Lastly, I wrote out "Sweetheart Table" for the happy couple!

Thanks again to the bride for the images, so happy I was able to be a part of her special day :)

If you are contemplating embossed place cards and calligraphy for your wedding reception, or simply want a super reliable person to handle it for you (as you have enough to worry about!) please contact me for a consultation on what exactly your vision is: I'll be happy to work with you to help make your dream wedding come true!

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