Thursday, November 18, 2010

New Logo For The Ash Tree

I need help deciding my new logo for Ash Tree!

Now that the Ash Tree is moving into the Hingham Shipyard to participate in the new 6 In the Shipyard store location, I was approached to give up a high-resolution logo for my business. However, my Etsy shop Ash Tree Creations logo was created by a graphic designer as a favor - and the original file is was on my old computer. Plus, my shop banner isn't necessarily what I would call a "logo".

So another graphic designer that was a friend of a friend just shot these two designs my way, and being the typical Libra that I am, I cannot make a decision:

 I opened the above one first  and got happy. The scroll of awesome really seems to tie in with my Wedding Calligraphy business. And then I opened this one and liked that there was more of a Tree incorporation:

But I'm afraid this logo is a bit too reminiscent of a horror movie. But in a fabulous pink color. 

I was also debating whether or not to change the name from Ash Tree Creations to Ash Tree Designs. Creations is a bit to cutesy for me - I think designs is a bit more dynamic. 

So, help! Which one do you like better?


  1. I like the second one with the tree branch a lot! I also like the change to "design!" Very professional.

  2. Well. Being a Libra myself, I am right with you with ALL the points you brought up. Initially I liked the second one best. Honest. *at least until you brought up the whole horror movie thing.* Now I am leaning toward the first one, seeing your point with that. But that is just a little lean, because I TRULY like them both.
    Help? Didn't think so. :(
    PS- I do like Ash Tree Designs a bit better. It sounds stronger....less feminine, or something?

  3. Excellent. I'm in agreement in both points - I like the second choice with "Designs". Thanks for the help!! :D


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