Friday, October 8, 2010

Recycled Sail Women's Wallet

Women's recycled sail wallet, $39
Women's recycled sail wallet, now available for purchase online! I bought this wallet a few years ago, and was fascinated by its structure. I studied it, broke it down into a pattern, and created this expansion of the recycled sail product line: the Women's Sail Wallet.

Though my Tri-Fold Recycled Sail Wallet isn't necessarily exclusive to men (it's actually in fact more unisex), I was envisioning this one as being a bit more glamorous, and ideally a great complement with one of my recycled sail Bowline Bags.The Tri-Fold Wallet is also very popular, and I'd love to see something a little bit different with a touch more fashion, like this style, take off!

As always, I embroidered a few numbers on the front: for the next wallet, I'll probably do only 2 numbers and have them be a bit larger. I chose navy because I feel like it looks the best on the stark white of the sail, but have also embroidered the numbers in both Hunter Green and Red.

Like this item? Buy the sail wallet at my Etsy shop! Don't forget to browse through the other Recycled Sail Products I have available for sale.

The holidays will also be here before you know it, and my orders are starting to come in! Contact me to create a custom wallet - makes a great gift for the sailor or nautical person in your life :)

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