Monday, October 4, 2010

Before I Forget Series: Handmade Books

Medium Handmade Journal, $12
New handmade journal and notebook series now available online at Ash Tree. The concept started while I was studying abroad in Italy: I am really into writing into Journals to keep memories, and I remember how important it was for me to write everything down while abroad.

Once I got home, I found that there was a lot that I missed, and didn't want to forget. Most notably was speaking Italian, which I was speaking every day and now don't anymore - so I made a smaller book with content in my Book Arts class titled, "Before I Forget", and used a typewriter to type up the phrases that I used most often before I forgot.

Handmade Daily Agenda from "Before I Forget" Series, $15

Then I saw this paper while shopping for art supplies, and was inspired to create a journal line out of it, and title it the "Before I Forget" series. The decorative paper is meant to capture the feeling of being away from home, writing everything down to remember it, and writing letters to those who aren't with you. I've made three books so far: one of my Daily Agendas, a medium-sized blank journal, and a small journal.

Small Handmade Sketchbook, from "Before I Forget" Series, $10

The paper is 100% recycled cream paper, which is ideally best with pen or pencil if you are thinking of using it as a sketchbook. The inside of the agenda is lined with recycled navy paper and speckled with 2 cent stamps. Inside the medium journal is bright red paper, and the smaller notebook has bright blue paper. Second editions of my handmade books are soon to follow!

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