Thursday, September 30, 2010

Goldfish Handmade Books

Another personal edition favorite, the Small Handmade Goldfish Book, $8 I remember when I first bought this paper after walking by it every day in the school store my last semester. I've made now 3 books with it, none too grand in size because of the intricate, tiny details of the bright orange fish in the pale blue water. This inside is lined with a lighter orange paper, which looks amazing against the pale blue water.

I've started an edition line with these small books: the first edition sold immediately at the Sidewalk Sale in May 2010, and I was so fond of the style that I made another. This actually was a product of recycling: after folding enough signatures, I realized I didn't want the book to be quite as long, so I cut the excess off and decided to make a book out of that.

As a result, the book can be used vertically, for to-do or grocery lists, or horizontal, which is great for quick, short writing - notes or for poets on the go. And it's size makes it great to throw in a purse, or even pocket.

I love not only the design of this particular edition, but also its size: I plan on making quite a few more color variation and themes. Trying to find a precious, handmade gift for a reasonable price? These mini notebooks are perfect! Get started on your personal book project today..

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