Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Blue Striped Shell Earrings

These Blue Gray Striped Earrings are my most recent creation and now available for sale on Etsy. The instant I saw these shells while shopping for routine calligraphy supplies one day, I was drawn to them. I love using shells in my handmade jewelry, and the unique look of these was very interesting. The blue-gray iradescent shell with contrasting black stripes really draw the eye in and pop. I used a freshwater pear to offset the darkness of the shell and to make the earring glow. And, I am going to admit, the shell reminded me of cinnamon toast crunch.

Look at the cereal.

Now look at the earrings.

Not quite as delicious, and shameless, I know. But beautiful nonetheless. These are also just one of the hundreds of pairs I make every year, using all different stones and shells, pearls and quartz, and sell for a reasonable $10. So make your purchase on etsy or stay tuned for the craft show nearest you if local!


  1. Beautiful earrings!

    Oh man that's my favourite cereal, now I'm hungry.

  2. God I know. So much cinnamon sugar goodness in little squares of awesome :)

    Thanks for the feedback, guys!


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