Sunday, February 14, 2010

Featured Etsy Shop: Pila 12903

With cute jewelry and pristine photographs, pila12903's shop adds a great splash of color to your etsy browsing.

I came across pila during an etsy FS chat and I really loved the aesthetic of her shop. The photographs are a stunning example of her work, as they really pop against a crisp white background.

The owner is a small-town girl from California, and she credits her family to being incredibly supportive of her and her dreams. She also has a passion for music, and wants to use her hands rather than be stuck behind a desk in cubicle-land. :) One of her major interests is in charity work - which I can totally relate to - specifically to the heartsforhaiti shop on etsy, and she is donating her jewelry for another charitable event.

She feels as though her greatest strength is that she puts 100% into every item she creates, and her weakness is imposing a time limit to her creating (haven't we all been there? ;) She admires those on etsy who have built their businesses from scratch and have it as a successful business. She aspires to be among these successes one day.

For new artists, she advises not to sit around waiting for sales: promoting is very important. Great photos is also key: the harder you work, the greater the reward is when you achieve the sales that you desire. Along the same lines, Pila uses Twitter, Myspace, Facebook, Plumdrop for promotion, and always hands out business products and wears her products, as word of mouth is very effective!

Here are additional promotions for Pila's shop!

While it was really difficult to decide on a favorite product, I would have to say that I LOVE the Cream Freshwater Pearl Earrings, $22 pictured below.

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