Thursday, December 31, 2009

New Website for Dock This Way!

Ahh! So, after much back and forth about purchasing a website through (the place we get our business cards, and YOU SHOULD GO THERE because you get your first 250 cards for free, and just pay for shipping :) I finally caved yesterday and bought it. A whopping 6 hours later, here is the final product!

I like the color scheme (watermelon) because lime green and hot pink are awesome. So far I like it, but it hasn't shown up on google due to its ultimate newness. So check it out, play with it...and maybe you could get one, too!

We're also playing with an idea for a new line, which I hope to do in the memory of my grandfather who passed away in September. We've ordered some merchandise, and are working on the stay tuned!

Here's another line from this summer that has done really well - they are 100% organic tees in pale blue and chocolate brown with a single word embroidered in opposite colors on the front. The line is called "Positivity: OneWord" - words to live by! We sold a great deal of these for Christmas, and are hoping to make some more online sales. Here are our "GRACE" and "INSPIRE" shirts. Good gift ideas for you now that the holidays are over :)

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