Thursday, October 8, 2009

Month 2 From Italy!!

Hey guys -

Just wanted to keep you guys updated -
School's been pretty crazy, and I've been planning lots of travelling around Europe (well, as much as I can on a budget. So help me out and buy from my etsy site!!! yaaaay! :)

We're thinking Greece for the week break, I'm going to Paris next month, and I'll hopefully get a few more things lined up. I REALLY want to go to London, and I hve to make it to Rome and Sicily before I leave. Because it's October already!!! Ahhh!!!
Here are some pics from Pisa (obviously) and Ravenna. I went to Ravenna the second week, Vinci the week after (like, Leonardo di Vinci-Vinci? Yeah.) Then two weeks ago I went to Pisa and Lucca. All of them were amazing; I'm going to Sienna this weekend.

So I'll try not to overload with pics, but it's very hard. I've uploaded all of them to my facebook in photo albums of like 80 photos!! Crazy stuff. I've started to also think about coming home and getting organized. Since I've lost internet at my apartment, I've had a lot more down time, which is kind of good, as I've been forcing myself to really write my business plan. It's been helpful already thinking about implementing new business strategies and after analyzing this past year, I can establish what has been working and what hasn't. It'll be a challenge to get through the holiday rush 8,000 miles away, but I really don't want to miss out!

Featured seller articles should be coming back soon, as well as treasuries and all sorts of funn stuff. So stay tuned - and I'd love to hear from you!


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