Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Where did the Fall Go?

So I'm starting to get ready for my return to Boston...classes, final projects and papers are wrapping up like crazy. I'm sad but excited to come home, especially to hit the ground running with all these new ideas I have for my business. Muah ha. I'm going to miss Italy sooo much - especially now I won't have anyone to talk to in Italian!

I have so many new ideas for new jewelry, some new prints from Serigraphy that I'm going to throw in my etsy shop, and some new business strategies to implement for calligraphy. I'm moving back to Boston, and that = crazy rent, so gotta bring in the big bucks!

Sorry about my lame not-writingness. Here's some pretty pictures of Italy in the meantime, and I'm going to restart the weekly featured seller pieces, and have some cool ideas for etsy treasuries, too. Yay :)

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