Monday, September 14, 2009


So I have been creating Bowline Bags Crazzzy like, and I had a ton of scraps, because you have to cut the sail a certain way in relation to the unique shape. And as an avid green-er, I hate waste. SO, I needed to get creative and make something with the scraps - I'm still churning an idea for a smaller Bowline Bag, but in the meantime I have come up with Sail Wallets!

I actually took my brother's wallet and studied it for a while. I took measurements, and came up with a pattern and stitching order. It requires very little material, so my scraps were definitely put to good use! So the final product is a tri-fold wallet, and has 6 Initial card pockets, that each pull back to hold additional cards - (I even included a "see through" pocket on the far left that can hold your license! I used the Racing sail material for this part)

The wallets are made from two types of recycled sails from a 30 'sailboat, the see-through (used for the inside) and typical canvas. I thought it would be cool if numbers were available on the outside of the wallet, and since the numbers are huge and found only on a certain part of the sail, I decided to embroider them. And, how cool would it be if you could choose your own numbers? Even though I have a few wallets made up in stock, I accept customizations with the numbers. I have discerned that red and navy (especially NAVY) look great embroidered on the canvas. 2 numbers also look the best, although I have done 3.

I also can attach Velcro if specified to help keep the wallet shut. But some guys do not really care, and keep it in their pockets anyway.

Click here for my Etsy listing and to get a sail of your own wallet:)

They are very nautical, and boaters love 'em!

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