Monday, January 28, 2013

Lips Charm Necklace Jewelry

Red Lips Necklace, $28

Jewelry featuring lips has been very popular recently - fashion jewelry icons like Jules Smith have released lines featuring kiss kiss "lips", so I decided to create a piece of my own. I just released the latest Ash Tree handmade necklace design Red Lips Necklace, now available for purchase in my Etsy shop.

The lips - also available in a sassy hot pink - are gorgeous enameled charms and strung on a stunning silver plate chain. Since much of the Ash Tree jewelry collections relate to symbolism in some way, I looked up what "red lips" signify - turns out, there's a back and forth when it comes to the meaning of red lips: on one hand, the red lip is a favorite color among men for women to wear. On the other, a red lipstick is considered "fierce", that is, a bright, bold, and powerful fashion statement among women. 
Red Lips Necklace Design, $28 by Ash Tree

What does a fiery red lip (or hot pink) mean to you? Makes a great gift for Valentine's Day for yourself, a daughter or friend - and definitely adds a "kiss" of style to any wardrobe ;)

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